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Kathcart & Smith’s

For Kathcart and Smiths Brewing, the brand design focused on evoking a sense of tradition and authenticity. The warm and rustic colors used in the visual identity reflect the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The logo features a nod to the brewing industry, with a hop cone and barley stalk incorporated into the design. The overall result is an eye-catching and memorable brand that stands out in the competitive world of craft beer. From the taproom to the retail shelf, the Kathcart and Smiths Brewing brand is instantly recognizable and resonates with beer enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry of a well-crafted brew.


Kathcart & Smith, a brewing company, is facing a branding problem. The issue is that the company’s name is not very memorable or unique, which makes it difficult for customers to remember and identify with the brand. Additionally, the name itself does not convey any information about the product or the company’s values. This lack of brand identity could lead to a lack of customer loyalty and difficulty in standing out in a crowded market. The company needs to develop a strong brand identity that resonates with customers, communicates the company’s values, and distinguishes it from competitors.


To overcome the branding problem faced by Kathcart & Smith, the company needs to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that highlights its unique selling proposition, values, and mission. This can be achieved through market research to better understand its target audience and their preferences. Refining brand messaging and visual identity will help to create a strong and consistent brand image. Leveraging social media and community engagement will help build brand awareness and loyalty. This will differentiate the company from its competitors and establish a lasting connection with its customers, leading to improved sales and growth prospects.

My Role

As the graphic designer in charge of branding for Kathcart & Smith, I played a critical role in developing a visual identity that resonated with customers and communicated the company’s values. Using my creative skills, I designed a logo, packaging, and marketing materials that distinguished Kathcart & Smith from its competitors and helped establish it as a leading player in the brewing industry. My work as a graphic designer helped the company improve sales and growth, and develop a strong brand identity that resonated with customers.

Business card design and bottle design.